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Marie Rottrová

Czech singer with an unmistakable colour of voice, nicknamed the Ostrava Lady of Soul. Her largest hits include White Horse (Kůň bílý), Love… (Lásko…), I Love It So (To mám tak ráda) and My Love, You Smell Like Rain (Lásko, voníš deštěm).

Zuzana Růžičková

World famous Czech harpsichordist, the first and only musician in the world to record Johann Sebastian Bach's complete works for the harpsicord. She founded the Czech harpsicord school.

Jakub Jan Ryba

Author of the famous Czech Christmas Mass (in Czech Česká mše vánoční), an excellent teacher who refused to administer corporal punishment in school. The first Czech theoretician of music, who created Czech musical terminology in his handbook First and Universal Principles for All Musical Art (Počáteční a všeobecní základové k umění hudebnímu).

Miroslav Sekera

Pianist who began playing the piano and the violin at the age of three, and at the age of seven he played the young Mozart in the Oscar-winning film Amadeus by Miloš Forman. He is one of the best in his generation, with his versatile approach to concert performances and everyday music practice.

Yvetta Simonová and Milan Chladil

A singing duo that sang swing compositions with Karel Vlach’s Orchestra. Their best known duets include the songs About Us Two (O nás dvou), The Two of Us (My dva a čas) and Children of Piraeus (Děti z Pirea).

Jan Václav Antonín Stamic

Composer, violinist, teacher and a pioneer of European Classicist instrumental music of the Mannheim School. Stamic knit together new expressive compositional elements, developed and stabilised the four-movement cyclical form (by adding the dance movement). In the centre of his interest were drama and conflict, often emphasised by brass instruments. These parts were commonly played by Czech musicians.

Stamic Quartet

A string quartet promoting Czech chamber music around the world and represents the Czech quartet school at the highest level. The ensemble was named after Jan Václav Stamic, the most famous representative of the Mannheim school. It is a renowned Czech quartet with international reputation.

Karel Svoboda

Czech composer of film, television and pop music, as well as musicals. The most successful Czech hit songwriter of the second half of the 20th century. A long-time collaborator of Karel Gott.

Otakar Ševčík

Violinist and famous teacher who laid the foundations for violin technique and wrote a four-volume musical and teaching method. Thus he taught thousands of violinists all over the world.

Josef Špaček

Violinist who in 2011 became the youngest concertmaster of the Czech Philharmonic in its history. As the first Czech violinist, he was one of the finalists at the Queen Elisabeth Music Competition in Brussels in 2012, as one of the twelve best violinists in the world.

Pavel Šporcl

A violinist of world renown, known as a non-conformist artist. A distinctive personality of contemporary music scene, recipient of prestigious violin competitions, the only young Czech violinist to appear in the book by the famous critic and violin historian Henry Roth.

Václav Talich

World famous Czech conductor, violinist and music pedagogue. Chief Conductor of the Czech Philharmonic and founder of the Czech Chamber Orchestra.

Jaroslav Uhlíř

Czech pianist, singer, comedian and most of all composer of popular and film music. Every child knows his songs, many of which have become a part of Czech culture and school curricula.

Umělecká beseda

The first Czech art society, in which writers, fine artists and musicians could meet from the 1860s.

Pavel Josef Vejvanovský

Composer, trumpeter and chapel master, together with Adam Václav Michna regarded as the most important Czech musicians of the 17th century.

Tomáš Víšek

A pianist nicknamed “man-orchestra”. An exceptional figure among Czech pianists and a propagator of unjustly forgotten authors and compositions, such as Gideon Klein, Erwin Schulhoff and Karel Reiner.

Vladimír Mišík

Singer, composer and songwriter, one of the most important representatives of Czech rock music. He was a member of the now legendary bands Blue Effect and Etc…. He is also known for setting Josef Kainar’s and Václav Hrabě’s poems to music.

Lukáš Vondráček

Pianist who became the first Czech to win the Queen Elizabeth Competition in Brussels. His victory has been compared to the winning of the first Olympic medal.

Helena Vondráčková

Czech singer regarded as the icon of the pop scene. Her hits include Red River (Červená řeka), Painted Mug (Malovaný džbánku), My Love, I’m Sick (Lásko má, já stůňu) and A Long Night (Dlouhá noc).

Jaroslav Vrchlický

A very prolific writer, dramatist and translator. A foremost representative of Czech Parnassists. His work is one of the richest and most diverse in the history of Czech literature. He was repeatedly nominated for the Nobel prize for literature, but without success.

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