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Music band fusing the melodies of Moravian folklore with elements of rock music. It is also known for film and scenic music. The siblings Hana and Petr Ulrych are its core members.

Maria Jeritza

World-famous singer (dramatic soprano) active in the first half of the 20th century, especially in Vienna and New York.

Jaroslav Ježek

Czech composer, pianist and conductor, a long-time collaborator of the Voskovec-Werich duo in the Liberated Theatre. A founding figure of modern Czech dance and jazz music.

Jiří Jirmal

Guitar player, composer and teacher, regarded as the founder of the Czech school of guitar. He is the author of the most popular Czech guitar textbook School of Playing the Guitar (Škola hry na kytaru). Professor at the Prague Conservatory, guest professor at the University of Music in Saarbrücken, Germany.

Jistebnice hymnal

Collection of hymns in Latin and Czech from the 15th century. The most important source of information on Hussite church service and Hussite songs.

Josef Suk the Younger

A violin virtuoso, chamber player, conductor and teacher. Great-grandson of Antonín Dvořák and grandson of Josef Suk. He recorded all Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s violin concertos on gramophone records.

Karel Hašler

Czech songwriter, actor and cabaret performer. A pioneer of Czech patriotic chansons, whose Czech Song (Česká písnička), On Old Castle Stairs (Po starých zámeckých schodech) and Thirty-Five-Year-Olds (Pětatřicátníci) have become a part of Czech culture.

Jiří Korn

Czech pop singer and musical actor, famous for his original approach to music and sophisticated stage shows. His greatest hits include the songs Yvetta, Grief is Postponed (Žal se odkládá), Karel is Probably Bringing Tea (Karel nese asi čaj) and Miss Moscow (Miss Moskva).

Magdalena Kožená

A mezzo-soprano singer and the “first lady of Baroque opera”. She is one of the most famous contemporary singers. She is a relentless promoter of Czech music and culture and a Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters of the French Republic since 2003.

Ivan Král

Czech rock musician, bass guitar player, composer, singer and producer who mostly worked in the USA.

Karel Kryl

Songwriter and poet whose songs became a symbol of resistance against the social situation in socialist Czechoslovakia. He worked in exile in Germany from 1969, collaborating with the Czechoslovak desk of Radio Free Europe.

Marta Kubišová

Czech singer and signatory of Charter 77. Her song A Prayer for Martha (Modlitba pro Martu) became one of the symbols of Prague Spring of 1968. She was banned from performing for twenty years, but she made a comeback after the Velvet Revolution.

Laco Déczi

Trumpeter and composer, one of the most prominent figures of Czechoslovak jazz. In the middle of the 1980s, he emigrated to the USA, where he formed his own band Cellula New York. His music is marked by balladic qualities and Ibero-American rhythmic provocativeness. His solos are in the bluegrass style.

Leoš Janáček

Composer, theoretician of music, folklorist and conductor, acclaimed for his unusual melodies based on folk music of Moravia, especially Moravian Slovakia and Moravian Wallachia.

Rudy Linka

Jazz guitar player living in the USA since 1985. Since 1989, he has alternated between the USA and his homeland. He has organised the annual jazz festival Bohemia Jazz Fest since 2005.

Pavel Ludikar

World-famous opera singer (bass) and pianist who performed on the most prestigious stages in the world.

Gustav Mahler

Composer, also regarded as a genius opera conductor. He was famous as the principal conductor in the Vienna Opera and in the Metropolitan Opera in New York. He influenced such famous figures as Arnold Schönberg, Dmitri Shostakovich, and other 20th-century composers.

Bohuslav Martinů

Composer, violinist, teacher and critic. His work was influenced by Antonín Dvořák and Josef Suk Sr., the French impressionists, as well as Arthur Honegger, Béla Bartók and Igor Stravinsky.

Waldemar Matuška

Czech singer famous for his distinctive baritone voice and his stage charisma. His songs Tereza, O, That Heavenly Love (Láska nebeská) and Nightingales from Madrid (Slavíci z Madridu) have become a part of folk culture.

Adam Václav Michna of Otradovice

He came from the aristocratic family Michna from Otradovice, which settled in Jindřichův Hradec in the early 16th century. A poet and organ player, graduate of the Jesuit college. Author of songs that are still known today, e.g. Let Him Sleep (Chtíc, aby spal).

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