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Soňa Červená

Opera singer, mezzo-soprano and contralto, theatre and film actress from the famous Červený family. Her father Jiří Červený founded the cabaret Červená sedma during the First Republic and her great-grandfather Václav František Červený was an inventor and producer of brass instruments.

Michal David

Czech pop singer, composer and keyboard player, nicknamed the Czechoslovak King of Discos. His hits Non stop, Disco-Story (Discopříběh) and Everyone Envies Me, My Love, Because of You (Každý mi tě, lásko, závidí).

Emma Destinn

Opera singer, a lyric-dramatic soprano with a rich voice. A versatile artistic talent who caused amazement in theatres and concert halls in the early 20th century. The greatest Strauss’s Salome of her time and the first Minnie in Puccini’s The Girl of the West.

Ludmila Dvořáková

Opera singer, a phenomenal soprano. In 1953, she became the first Czech singer of the titular role of Nastasya in Tchaikovsky’s opera The Enchantress. She is one of the thirteen greatest interpreters of Wagner in the 20th century.

The Eben Brothers

Czech band consisting of Petr Eben’s sons: Marek, David and Kryštof. It is characterised by a specific, gentle sound with elements of folk, country, chanson and rock music and original texts.

Kateřina Englichová

Harp player, one of the most distinctive Czech musicians. She holds concerts and teaches harp master classes all over the world and is a member of international juries.

Eva Urbanová

Soprano singer, the most famous contemporary interpreter of Rusalka. She also sings songs from the rock, pop and musical repertoire.

Famous musicians working in the Czech lands

At the courts of Kings of Bohemia, secular music, mostly in German style, began developing in the 13th century. In the 17th and 18th centuries, famous European musicians worked in Bohemia: Christoph Willibald von Gluck, composers of Viennese Classicism Josef Haydn, Ludwig van Beethoven and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and in the 19th century Franz Liszt, Niccolò Paganini and Fryderyk Chopin performed in Bohemia.

Zdeněk Fibich

Master of short musical forms. Together with Bedřich Smetana and Antonín Dvořák, he is a composer whose significance far exceeds the borders of Czech music culture.

Rudolf Firkušný

World-famous pianist and one of the symbols of music of the First Republic. Professor at the Juilliard School in New York, doctor honoris causa of Charles University, Masaryk University and the Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Brno.

Karel Gott

Czech pop singer, the greatest icon of Czech pop culture who was at the top of the entertainment business more than six decades.

Alois Hába

Composer, music theorist and teacher. He composed in different tonal systems, in the traditional semitone, as well as quarter tone, sixth tone, etc. Apart from compositions written in the diatonic and chromatic semitone interval, he also composed experimental works.

Kryštof Harant of Polžice and Bezdružice

A Renaissance man, nobleman and warrior, talented writer, polyglot, musician and diplomat. His music is based on the spirit of late Dutch polyphonic school, but a Venetian colour is present in it as well.

Ondřej Havelka

Czech actor and theatre and film director. He is also a singer and a dancer in his own jazz band Melody Makers.

Hana Hegerová

Internationally acclaimed Czech-Slovak singer and actress, regarded as the first lady of Czech chanson.


Artistic ensemble based on the tradition of Moravian dulcimer music, led by Jiří Pavlica. It is known for its use of folk motives, as well as original works, musicalized texts by Jan Skácel and collaborations with world music artists.

Karel Husa

American composer, conductor, trumpeter, musicologist and teacher of Czech origin, author of the famous composition Music for Prague 1968 (Hudba pro Prahu 1968).

Josef Chuchro

Violoncellist, the first dean of the Music and Dance Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague after 1989, where he taught in his violoncello class many of the currently best Czech musicians.

Eduard Ingriš

Adventurer, explorer, composer, conductor, photographer, cameraman, filmmaker and documentarist. He is mentioned in Peruvian textbooks, but is almost forgotten in the Czech Republic.

Ivan Mládek Banjo Band

Music band playing humoristic songs and merging elements of country, jazz and swing, whose central figure is musician and entertainer Ivan Mládek. The legendary song Jožin from the Bog (Jožin z bažin) comes from their repertoire.

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