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Miroslav Langer

Piano player and teacher at the Music and Dance Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. He won prestigious prizes for the Czech school of piano at world piano competitions.

Mozart and Prague

The famous Austrian composer visited Prague several times. While his first visits were a triumphant success, Mozart’s last visit, in 1791, was a bitter disappointment.

Music during the reign of Rudolph II in the lands of the Czech Crown

Rudolph II’ reign was Prague’s golden age of science, literature, fine arts, but most of all music. The Prague of Rudolph II was one of the most significant centres of European Renaissance culture. With the Habsburgs’ ascension to the Bohemian throne in 1526, culture in the lands of the Czech Crown came under cultural influences from all over Europe.

Music in Bohemia in 17th and 18th centuries

Bohemia gave the world several famous musicians in the 17th and 18th centuries. Some of them stayed in their homeland, although many of them emigrated after the Battle of White Mountain and the Thirty Years’ War. The development of music largely depended on the support of the ruler’s court or large and wealthy cities. During High Baroque, a very interesting musical genre with Christmas themes began developing in the Bohemian country: the Bohemian pastoral. The most famous and popular Bohemian pastoral mass is Czech Christmas Mass (Missa solemnis festis Nativitatis) by Jan Jakub Ryba (1765–1815).

Josef Mysliveček

Composer and an especially prominent figure of late European Baroque and early Classicism. He mostly worked in Italy and composed 28 operas, 10 oratorios, a number of symphonies, concerts, overtures and a lot of chamber and church music.

Zuzana Navarová

One of the most distinguished Czech songwriters. She captivated her audience with her unique, powerful expression, text form and natural singing. Her compositions are timeless and graceful.

Václav Neckář

Czech singer famous for his dramatic chansons and his stage presence. A legend of the Czech pop and rock scene. His greatest hits include Liquorice (Lékořice), Shadow of Cathedrals (Stín katedrál), Dr. Dam di Dam and Midnight (Půlnoční).

Jaromír Nohavica

Composer, songwriter and poet of the everyday. A distinctive artist and a translator. He rewrote the librettos of Mozart’s operas Così fan tutte (in 2005) and Don Giovanni (in 2007) for the Czech opera scene.

Vítězslav Novák

Composer, graduate of Antonín Dvořák’s school of composition, pianist and teacher. His students fundamentally influenced the overall quality not only of Czech music composition, but also professional musical interpretation. Generationally, he is between Janáček and Bohuslav Martinů.

Dagmar Pecková

Operatic mezzo-soprano, the first Czech diva to advertise her recording with a clip, known to the wider public as “Crew Cut Carmen” due to her short hairstyle.

Libor Pešek

For more than a quarter of a century, one of the most prominent conductors in the Czech Republic and in the world. He was decorated with the Order of the British Empire by Queen Elizabeth II in 1996.

Eva Pilarová

Czech singer regarded not only as a star of popular music but, due to her exceptional voice range and perfect vocalisation, as the first lady of Czech jazz, swing and blues as well.

Adam Plachetka

Bass-baritone opera singer. A permanent member of the Vienna State Opera. He is not afraid of crossing borders between genres and performing at concerts with colourful and uninhibited dramaturgy.

Karel Plíhal

Songwriter, guitar player and poet. His songs are typically playful, based on word play and timid eroticism. He accompanies his performances with poems or jokes, some of which were published in the book Like Cool in the Fence (Jako cool v plotě).

Vlasta Průchová

Legend of Czech jazz, swing and bebop music, nicknamed Lady Jazz. Wife of jazz musician Jan Hammer Sr., mother of multi-instrumentalist Jan Hammer Jr.

R. A. Dvorský

Czech singer, composer and bandleader of the Melody Boys band. He is regarded as the king of dance music of the First Republic.

Eva Randová

Czech mezzo-soprano singer who mostly performs in prestigious scenes abroad. She has worked with the most brilliant opera stars and conductors of the second half of the 20th century.

Vlasta Redl

Musician and songwriter who combines Moravian and Slovak folk music with elements of rock, blues and jazz. He joined the band AG Flek in the 1980s and is also known for his collaboration with the band Hradišťan and songwriters Jaroslav Samson Lenk and Slávek Janoušek.

Jiří Reinberger

Organ virtuoso and pioneer of Czech organ culture. Composer and teacher who taught dozens of Czech and foreign organ players and organologist, i.e. an advisor in organ building.

Antonín Rejcha

Composer, theoretician and professor of counterpoint at the Paris Conservatory, polyglot and intellectual. His theoretical publications (original and in German translations) were published in Vienna by Carl Czerny and they influenced such world famous musicians as Giacomo Meyerbeer, Robert Schumann, Bedřich Smetana and Ambroise Thomas. The names of his students are famous around the world: Hector Berlioz, César Franck, Charles Gounod, Ferenc (Franz) Liszt, etc.

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