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Meda Mládková

Czech dancer, patron of arts, collector of František Kupka’s paintings, founder of the Kampa Museum and the Jan Mládek and Meda Mládková Foundation.

Mikoláš Aleš

Drawer, painter, illustrator, one of the most important artists of the generation of the National Theatre and a moral role model for the new generation. In his work, he drew on Romanticism and his paintings are largely inspired by the history of Slavic peoples.

Giuseppe Arcimboldo

Distinguished Italian painter of late Mannerism who worked as court artist in Prague and because of his untraditional perception of reality and way of its representation became a great inspiration to the most famous modernist painters.


Czech movement in fine arts founded by two Czech artists in France between the two world wars.

Baroque water fountains in Olomouc

A set of Baroque water fountains with originally designed water reservoirs. They are decorated with motifs from classical antiquity and regarded as supreme examples of Baroque art. They are national cultural monuments.

Jan Jiří Bendl

The most prominent Czech sculptor of early Baroque, famous for his woodwork made for Prague churches. His work, unaffected by workshop influences, inspired a number of artists and a younger generation of sculptors, including Ferdinand Maximilian Brokoff.

František Bílek

Sculptor, graphic artist, designer, illustrator and author, the most important representative of Czech symbolist sculpture. He was inspired by various spiritual movements and was known as a religious thinker and a mystic.

Adolf Born

Prominent Czech graphic artist, painter, illustrator, scenographer, animator and caricaturist. One of the most important figures of Czech comics.

Vladimír Boudník

Graphic artist, painter, representative of active and structural graphics, one of the most talented Czech artists. He contributed to Czech modern art by introducing a new artistic movement, the so-called explosionism.

Petr Brandl

Painter, a foremost representative of Czech High Baroque whose works are regarded as one of the pinnacles of Czech Baroque painting.

Matthias Bernard Braun

Sculptor and carver of Tyrolean descent, the most famous representative of Czech High Baroque sculpture.

Braun’s Nativity Scene

Monumental and unique sculpture by Matthias Bernard Braun and his workshop, created in nature and regarded as one of the best Baroque works of art.

Ferdinand Maximilian Brokoff

Czech sculptor and carver, one of the most talented figures of Czech sculpture of the period of High Baroque. His work influenced the Baroque appearance of the city of Prague and inspired the following generations of prominent Czech sculptors.

Václav Brožík

One of the most famous Czech painters in Europe in the late 19th century, the official painter of Austria-Hungary and a member of the generation of the National Theatre. He became famous for history paintings and portraits.

Zdeněk Burian

Distinguished 20th-century painter and a very prolific illustrator whose drawings decorated hundreds of adventure books and who became a foremost representative of paleo art.

Caricature in Czech fine arts

A distinctive and noteworthy component of Czech fine arts, which flourished in the 19th century and is connected with foremost Czech artists and writers.

Czech book illustration

A specific area of fine arts, which has a long tradition in the Czech lands and a high level of quality.

Czech postage stamp

Important part of Czech fine arts with a long tradition and high artistic value and quality. Czech postage stamps attract interest of philatelists around the world.

Josef Čapek

Distinguished Cubist painter, graphic artist, book illustrator, writer and journalist, scenographer and art critic. Brother of Czech writer Karel Čapek.

Jaroslav Čermák

Czech romanticist painter, a very talented portraitist and painter of history paintings, the first Czech fine artist of the 19th century to be officially recognised in all of Europe.

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