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An approximately four-week period of time before Christmas during which the Christian Church prepared for the arrival of Christ. Nowadays it is a time before Christmas characterised by Advent concerts, decoration of the municipal Christmas tree, Christmas markets and preparation of gifts and sweets.

All Souls’ Day

A day at the beginning of November, dedicated to the remembrance of dead ancestors, visiting their graves, decorating them and lighting candles.

Birthday and name day

The most widespread family feast days in the Czech Republic. They mark anniversaries of a person’s birth (birthday) and the feast day of the saint after whom a person is named (name day).


The most important Christian holiday, celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ, as well as a popular folk holiday. The so-called Good Friday and Easter Monday are also holidays in the Czech Republic.


A Christian holiday celebrated on 6 January, which marks the end of the Christmas holiday season. On this day, three carol singers dressed as the Biblical Three Magi may be seen.


The most popular holiday in the Czech Republic. In religious families as well as in atheistic circles, Christmas is one of the most popular holidays in the year which, however, is increasingly atheistic and consumerist in character.

Kermesse (posvícení)

Traditional festivities in which people enjoy diverse and rich food and dances. The Czech word posvícení denotes days full of prosperity, abundance and merriment and is commonly used in the set phrase není každý den posvícení (“not every day is a Kermesse/holiday”), meaning that blissful days do not last forever.

Saint Nicholas (tradition)

One of a few still widely celebrated feasts in the Czech Republic. It is a feast during which a person may meet characters dressed as Bishop Nicholas, the devil and angel, even in large cities. They visit small children and either reward them or punish, according to their behaviour during the year.

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