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Brno Cemetery (Central Cemetery)

The largest cemetery in Brno. A culturally important place of burial of many Moravian artists and intellectuals. An architecturally important example of interwar functionalism in Brno.

Jewish cemetery in Třebíč

An exceptionally well-preserved cemetery, the second largest on the territory of the Czech Republic. A UNESCO monument. The cemetery’s unique characteristic is the fusion of Baroque-style art and the Jewish funeral tradition.

Malá Strana Cemetery

Valuable historic cemetery complex located in Smíchov, Prague. Its Classicist, Romanticist and Neo-Gothic tombstones reflect the stylistic changes and the development of cemetery sculpture in the 18th and 19th centuries. It summarises valuable monuments of Czech figurative sculpture.

Old Jewish Cemetery in Prague

The most significant artistic and architectural monument to Jewish burial culture on the territory of Prague. The cemetery complex is a unique collection of exceptionally valuable Renaissance tombstones. It is a part of the oldest Jewish urban settlement.

Olšany Cemetery

The largest cemetery in Prague. It consists of 12 burial areas covering an area of 50 hectares. Its architecture, historical importance, size and the diversity of people buried there make it an important monument of funeral culture in the Czech Republic.

Prague Castle

Historic and culturally significant castle complex protected by UNESCO. Its size, architectural harmony and age make it one of the most important castle complexes in Europe. As the seat of President, it is also an important representative building.

Sedlec Ossuary near Kutná Hora

Unique cemetery chapel whose interior is decorated with human bones. Artistically exceptional type of ossuary, a sacred building for storing skeletal remains. One of the unique architectural projects by Santini, a Baroque Gothic architect.

Schwarzenberg Tomb

Unique monument of Czech Neo-Gothic and historicist architecture. It was built during the last quarter of the 19th century and became the official burial place of the Schwarzenberg aristocratic family. It is a technically unique structure, combining ingenuity and reverence.

Vyšehrad cemetery and the Slavín tomb

Important monument of Czech burial culture. It has been regarded as the burial place of the national elite since the end of the 19th century. Its importance for Czech culture is comparable to Novodevichy cemetery in Moscow or the Parisian cemetery Pére Lachaise.

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