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Wilhelm Horn

A pioneer of photography, publisher of the first specialised photography magazine and the owner of the first shop with photographic equipment in Central Europe.

Václav Chochola

Czech photographer whose works oscillated between fine arts, documentary photography and photojournalism.

Eduard Ingriš

Adventurer, explorer, composer, conductor, photographer, cameraman, filmmaker and documentarist. He is mentioned in Peruvian textbooks, but is almost forgotten in the Czech Republic.

Julie Jirečková

Amateur photographer, often called “the first Czech female art photographer”. She photographed in Art Nouveau style, together with her sister Noemi.

Karel Klíč

Prominent Czech photographer, inventor of photogravure and wiping intaglio, founder of the photo studio Rafael in Brno.

Běla Kolářová

Photographer and fine artist who is regarded as a pioneer of Czech neo-constructivist and minimal art due to her experimental methods. Wife of poet and painter Jiří Kolář.

Josef Koudelka

Humanistic photographer famous for the cycle August ’68 (Srpen ‘68), in which he portrayed Prague during the invasion of the armies of the Warsaw Pact.

František Krátký

Owner of the most important photo studio in Kolín and of a photochemical factory. The best known publisher of stereo photographs.

Antonín Kratochvíl

Czech photojournalist permanently living in the USA. He has received many awards for his documentary photographs.

Josef Kunzfeld

Photographer who made a significant contribution to documenting historic buildings in Brno, where his studio was one of the longest functioning ones.

Jan Langhans

A distinguished portrait photographer active in the late 19th and early 20th century and owner of probably the most famous photo studio in Prague, in Vodičkova Street.

Antonín Markl

Author of the first photographic manual written in Czech and teacher of photographic courses based on systematic lesson plans.

Emila Medková

Surrealist photographer of the second half of the 20th century, who worked with her husband Mikuláš Medek.

Jan Mulač

One of the first photographers to systematically photograph events on the streets of Prague. His atelier in Prague was one of the centres of Prague social life in the 1880s.

Tomki Němec

Foremost Czech documentarist and photojournalist, personal photographer of Václav Havel in the 1990s.

Karel Novák

The first Czech teacher of art photography and a cofounder of the State Graphics School, owing to which he influenced the oncoming generation of Czech photographers. He is regarded as one of the first Modernist photographers.

Alexandr Paul

Photojournalist and advertisement photographer, founder of the photographic agency Press Photo Service and prominent documenter of Czech cultural and art treasures.

Ivo Přeček

A Surrealist photographer from Olomouc, a member of the group of creative photographers DOFO and creator of welded metal sculptures.

Jindřich Přibík

Distinctive photographer and experimenter whose works have philosophical qualities. He spent a part of his working life in Belgium.

Jaroslav Rössler

Prominent Czech and world avant-garde photographer, member of the Devětsil group and the most progressive advocate of abstract art and Constructivism in photography.

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