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Karel Absolon

Moravian archaeologist and amateur photographer. One of the first to use his own and other people’s photographs to popularise science.

Bohumila Bloudilová

Prominent portrait photographer from Kolín, cousin of the photographer Josef Sudek. Founder and owner of Rafaela, a successful studio in Kolín.

Jaroslav Bruner-Dvořák

Rudolf Bruner-Dvořák’s brother, who took over his studio after his death. He continued his tradition of photographing events, although he was also interested in architecture.

Rudolf Bruner-Dvořák

Pioneer of photographic reports in the Czech lands. He is regarded as one of the founders of photojournalism.

Vladimír Jindřich Bufka

Photographer active in the early 20th century, a prominent representative of Pictorialism, author of photographic manuals and organiser of courses for the wider public.

Czech Press Photo

A prestigious Czech photo contest focusing on press photography, followed by an exhibition. A version of the World Press Photo. It has three sections: photo, video and the Prague Grant.

František Drtikol

Legendary Czech photographer who became famous abroad as well. His portraits of the Czech elite and art nudes are especially well known.

Jindřich Eckert

Photographer and experimenter who founded Czech landscape photography. He was also a distinguished citizen of Prague and the author of the first photographic publications about the Czech capital.

Staša Fleischmannová

A photographer from Prague who founded and managed the successful studio Fotoateliér OKO in Prague together with her twin sister, in which the sisters immortalised, for example, Karel Čapek, Julius Fučík and André Breton.

Fotografický obzor

The first Czech illustrated magazine for amateur photographers, published from 1893 to 1944.

Alberto Vojtěch Frič

Czech explorer, botanist, ethnographer, writer and photographer. South American Indians called him Karaí Pukú (Long Hunter) and in Europe he was nicknamed Cactus Hunter.

František Fridrich

Portrait photographer from the second half of the 19th century and publisher of books about cities, known is his time abroad as well. One of the first Czech sports photographers.

Eva Fuková

American photographer of Czech origin and with a degree in painting from the Academy. She became famous for her large-format collages.

Jaromír Funke

Foremost figure of European photographic avant-garde of the 1920s and 1930s. Not only his photographic work, but also his critical and pedagogical activities are notable.

Alexander Hackenschmied

Prominent Czech-American photographer, editor, cameraman and director. One of the pioneers of avant-garde film of 1930s and a key figure in world film modernism.

Karel Hájek

He is regarded as the founders and greatest figures of Czech modern photojournalism in the first half of the 20th century.

Miroslav Hák

Prominent interwar photographer and member of Group 42. An important figure of Czech modernism.

Jiří Hanzelka

Czech explorer, writer, journalist and documentary filmmaker. Together with Jiří Hanzelka, he went on several expeditions on practically all continents.

Vilém Heckel

Photographer and mountain climber known for his landscape photographs and shots taken from mountain ridges.

Bohdan Holomíček

Czech self-taught documentary photographer who photographed Václav Havel and other important dissidents.

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