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Czech animated film

Film created using different techniques, most commonly by moving drawn images, puppets or computer models. The Czech school of animated film is one of the most significant Czech contributions to world cinematography.

Czech film festivals

Every year, several dozen film festivals and summer schools with different themes and scope take place in the Czech Republic. They are usually competitions and shows lasting several days, and include lectures and screenings of the latest films, often with expert juries giving awards.

Heinz Edelmann

A Czech-German fine artist, drawer, designer, illustrator and animator born in northern Bohemia. He became known as the creator of the animated film Yellow Submarine.

Fairy-tale film

Feature fairy-tale film for children, in Czech cinematography often connected with comedy. Watching fairy tales on television is an integral part of Czech Christmas atmosphere.

Jaromil Jireš

Prominent Czechoslovak film director and screenwriter, one of the foremost figures of Czechoslovak New Wave.

Aurel Klimt

Czech director, animator and artist of Slovak origin, one of the leading representatives of contemporary Czech animated film. He has received important awards for his work, both at home and abroad.

Arnošt Lustig

Prose writer, screenwriter and journalist. His works focus on depicting the Holocaust through life stories of seemingly insignificant, ordinary people.

Miloš Macourek

Film and television screenwriter, poet and dramatist. He became famous as author of original screenplays for film comedies, television series and animated bedtime stories.

Zdeněk Miler

Director and creator of animated films, illustrator of children’s books. Author of the internationally famous character Mole and the legendary logo of the Trick Brothers studio.


The protagonist of an animated television series regularly broadcast in the show Večerníček. Several generations of not only Czech children, but those in other countries as well, have grown up watching it.

Břetislav Pojar

Director, screenwriter, animator, drawer, puppeteer and one of the most prominent figures of Czech trick film. As an author of many popular children’s films, he became famous abroad as well and won a number of prestigious awards.

Ladislav Smoljak

Distinguished theatre and film director, screenwriter, dramatist, actor and teacher. One of the co-founders and prominent figures of the Jára Cimrman Theatre.

Jan Švankmajer

Film director, animator and artist, a leading figure of late Czech Surrealism in film and art. He is one of the best animators in the world and one of the most acknowledged Czech film makers abroad.

Trick Brothers

Prominent animated film studio, closely connected with the so-called Czech school of animated film. It is the oldest and largest Czech studio of its kind and its works have been highly acclaimed internationally.

Jiří Trnka

Director, animator, fine artist, puppeteer. World-famous master of puppet film animation, one of the founders and foremost figures of Czech animated and puppet film.

Helena Třeštíková

Director, screenwriter, pedagogue and film producer. She belongs to the world elite of documentary film making. Her work mostly deals with interpersonal relationships, social problems and the position of women in society.


Early-evening television show with fairy-tale series, the longest running Czech television show for children. A traditional fairy tale for good night, references to which commonly appear in everyday communication.

Karel Zeman

Czech film director, artist and screenwriter, pioneer of tricks in animated film. One of the most recognised and successful figures in Czech and world film animation.

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