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Velvet Revolution

A series of strikes, mass civil protests and happenings that took place in November 1989. The revolutionary movement had a wide public support and it led to the end of the communist regime. The revolution was named “velvet” due to its non-violent character.

Avgustyn Voloshyn

A Greek Catholic priest from Subcarpathian Rus’, teacher, writer, Czechoslovak and Ruthenian politician, member of the National Assembly of the Czechoslovak Republic, head of the government of the Subcarpathian Autonomous Region, head of the government of Carpathian Ukraine, President of independent Carpathian Ruthenia.

Antonín Zápotocký

Czechoslovak social-democratic and communist official. Union leader. President of Czechoslovak government and the second president of Socialist Czechoslovakia.

Miloš Zeman

President of the Czech Republic since 2013. The first Czech president elected in direct elections.

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