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dostat se do Bohnic

A Czech phrase that means “to become insane”.


Celebrations of the end of the harvest season, whose expressions were used for emphasising the folk element at state events.

Duck, Duck, Goose (Chodí pešek okolo)

A traditional Czech children’s game with a counting-out rhyme. References to the word pešek appear in everyday communication by adults.


A fairy-tale character representing a small man with moustache. In legends, one of the names for the spirit of the mines. The term is also commonly used for a human of short stature.

Easter egg

Decorated egg given as presents on Easter Monday.

End up in Pankrác

Expression that means “to end up in a prison”.


One of the most common Czech counting-out rhymes, which virtually every Czech child knows. References to it may be heard even in casual conversations between adult people.

Enyky benyky

One of the most common and mysterious of children’s counting-out rhymes, based on a distinctive and regular rhythm.


A female creature that appears in folk stories. Nowadays, the term is associated with an attractive and fragile female character and is figuratively used for people as well (i.e. women and girls).

Film quotes

Quotes from well-known films used as humorous comments or opinions in real life situations. They are an integral part of Czech linguistic heritage and form a special category og contemporary Czech phraseology.


Creature of superhuman size and great, brute strength, known from legends, myths and fairy tales all over the world. He is usually feared by people, although he is not always hostile. Large people are also sometimes called giants.

Golden Gate (zlatá brána)

Children’s physical game with a rhyme, whose text is also used a counting-out rhyme.

Golem of Prague

A still popular Jewish legend about a clay creature brought to life by Shem. The story is one of the most popular Prague legends, fitting into the mysterious atmosphere of Rudolf’s Prague.

Had Austria not existed

An excerpt from the open letter written by František Palacký and published in 1848 as an answer to the invitation to the German Imperial Diet in Frankfurt.


Hantec is a specific dialect of Brno, sometimes compared to the Cockney dialect of London. Well-known words include šalina (tram), škopek (beer) and šórat se (walk slowly).

He who doesn’t jump is not a Czech

A traditional slogan of Czech sports fans, typically accompanied by jumping and repeated chanting.

Hedgehog in the Cage

A legendary puzzle, the most famous mechanical puzzle in the Czech Republic. It became a unique phenomenon of Czech culture.

Hliník (Aluminium)

A character in the cult Czech film Mareček, Pass me the Pen! (Marečku, podejte mi pero!). A person whom nobody has ever seen, although all Czechs know him.

Holy week (svaťák)

A week’s break given to students before the oral part of the graduation exam.

Honza, get up! (Honzo, vstávej!)

Children’s outdoor game for three or more players in which animal movements are imitated.

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