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Josef Abrhám

A popular film and theatre actor. One of the most in-demand film and television actors in the Czech Republic in the 1960s to 1980s.

Jana Brejchová

Famous film and theatre actress, the greatest Czech film star of the second half of 20th century. She was often called the “Czech Bardot” because of her beauty and charisma.

Czech Soda

Satirical series by the Czech Television from the 1990s. Many catchphrases from the series have become popular and entered everyday communication.

Fairy-tale film

Feature fairy-tale film for children, in Czech cinematography often connected with comedy. Watching fairy tales on television is an integral part of Czech Christmas atmosphere.

Karel Kachyňa

One of the most prolific Czech film and TV directors. He was active from 1955 until as late as 2003, directing more than 50 feature films. His work is characterised by a powerful and sophisticated psychology of characters, and a closeness to the documentary style.

Miloš Macourek

Film and television screenwriter, poet and dramatist. He became famous as author of original screenplays for film comedies, television series and animated bedtime stories.


The protagonist of an animated television series regularly broadcast in the show Večerníček. Several generations of not only Czech children, but those in other countries as well, have grown up watching it.

Normalisation series

Term used after 1989 to denote television series with ideological undertones, produced and broadcast during the era of the Normalisation of Czechoslovak culture in the 1970s and 80s.

Marie Rosůlková

Prominent Czech theatre, film and television actress, narrator of fairy tales, voice actress. One of the most distinctive Czech actresses of the 20th century.


Early-evening television show with fairy-tale series, the longest running Czech television show for children. A traditional fairy tale for good night, references to which commonly appear in everyday communication.

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